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There’s this fantastic Japanese Yujiro Ishihara 石原 裕次郎 fansite. It’s got a lot of information on the man and his work in it, as well as small screencaps from a lot of his films and TV appearances.

The other day, I stumbled upon this page, which has info and small pictures from a TV special broadcast on June 1st, 1977 called TV Asahi Wedensday Special: Great Companions (テレビ朝日 水曜スペシャル: ~ この素晴しき仲間たち ~). That’s what Google Translate gives me, anyway.

In addition to Ishihara and Meiko Kaji, the program featured stars like Akira Kobayashi (小林旭), Jo Shishido (宍戸錠), Chieko Matsubara (松原智恵子) and tons of others.

I’ve posted the Meiko Kaji images from the site here, but I’m wondering if any of the 1,000+ followers (!!!!) have seen it or have any more info about it. I’d love to see it.